Privacy Policy

We only collect the information that you have offered to us. We will never indulge in any malicious activities at any time. We possess your email id and phone number that you have offered to the website. Your personal details will not be sold to third parties.


Certain basic information of yours are collected in order to process the order. The website would be collecting your contact details, address, phone number and banking details. This is essential for doing the payment and to ensure that the pet food reach your home without any delays.

In case you are facing any difficulties with purchasing the order, you can get help from our customer support team.

We would be sending about offers, and special coupons to your email address. This is possible only if you have subscribed to our newsletter. 


Cookies are automatically collected every time you use our website. This can be essential to you as your needed product would be popped up. However, you can still disable the collection of cookies just by doing certain changes in your settings. 

We use the payment gateway that belongs to the top company which is PayPal. We do not owe any of your credit card number or bank details of any manner. 


All the images that are published on this website are copyrighted. Usage of these by the third parties without our consent is strictly prohibited and legal action would be taken.  We could recommend you to contact us and request us for permission for usage of any image or content in the website. 

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