Terms & Conditions

  • Any customer who wishes to buy pet foods from our website should be above the age of 18 or should order with assistance of the parent or guardian. 
  • Every person who is using our website should understand that they should abide by the terms and conditions. 
  • The product purchased from us should be used for personal purpose only. You are not supposed to resale it at any cost.
  • It is very important to use proper language in comment or review section. In case of using abusive or bad language about website or other customers we hold the right to deactivate your account thus barring from future usage.
  • Misusing the website by spamming is not recommended.                      
  • The terms and conditions are updated for the betterment of our customers. It would be applicable immediately upon updating. We request you to check the page often to know about the changes.
  • We would not send any message or mail regarding any changes that is happened in the page like deletion, updating or editing of the condition.

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