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Know some History of Pet Foods.

In 1860, James Spratt, an American electrician, developed the first dog food. Seeing dogs eating scraps of biscuits in a shipyard,he concocted the dog food, mixing wheat meals, vegetables and meat.

It is also believed that Spratt would have produced the first Cat food.

Evolution of Pet food culture

By origin, Dogs and Cats are carnivorous thus being able to hunt and feed  by themselves. But over the years we, humans developed an interest to domesticate them for companionship , security etc, yet they have managed to adapt to these changes and survived on both meat and non-meat foods. Though dogs have been known to be a mix of both  Carnivorous and Herbivorous, Cats have always been explicitly carnivorous. That’s why we could often see our cats relish on freshly killed meat.

5 Main Types of Pet food:

#1: Dry 

Dry food is the most economic and long lasting pet food. As this doesn’t require any special preservation or refrigeration, it remains the most sold or consumed food by dogs of all breeds. By chewing crunchy food, Dry food also ensures to keep your pet’s teeth strong which in turn reduce tartar buildup.

Dry food

#2: Canned or Wet food 

As a matter of fact, most cats and dogs love wet food. Though it has a long shelf life and is easily available at any supermarket, it can be expensive. Not every brand of canned food assures to provide the protein that your pet needs. Some indigestible protein will pass through your pet’s system without breaking down into absorbable nutrients. Also, most canned food is about 75 %water. The higher the water content, the less nutrient content.

Canned or Wet food

#3: Semi-Moist

Semi-moist foods are shaped like pork chops, burgers, or other meaty foods. You can treat your pet occasionally but they should not be considered as a diet in whole, as they do not provide all the nutrition that your pet requires. Semi-moist foods are the least nutritional but tasty of all pet foods as they contain many artificial flavors and colorings.

#4: Home Cooked

A home-cooked diet makes the owner to know exactly what is in that food and to be sure that all the nutritional needs are being met. Though preparing pet food at home every day is time consuming and expensive too, many owners prioritize their pet’s health above all.

If you opt to feed your pet a home-cooked diet, consult your vet and know all the canine nutrition is met and your pet is not missing out on any vital nutrients.

Home Cooked foods

#5: Raw

A raw diet as its name,includes raw meat, preferably with some bones –only raw , mixed with some organs.Bones are a natural source of phosphorus and calcium. This type of diet works well for dogs, since dogs have short intestinal tracts and strong stomach acids, which make it easy for them to digest raw food. Prefer to talk to your veterinarian about the benefits if you are looking to transition your pet to ear diet

Raw food

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